The Teresa Rhyne Law Group, A Professional Corporation

“Your life is complicated. Your family is complicated.
Your estate planning doesn’t have to be.”

Estate Planning can sound fancy, and complicated, and perhaps only for the rich. But really, it can be as simple as planning for your “stuff”1“Stuff Planning” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. — who gets your “stuff” when you don’t need it anymore.2Assuming that your personal belief is that you don’t need used clothing, insurance proceeds, your Volkswagon or even your bank accounts in the great beyond. If you do, well, we’re just going to admit it right now… we can’t help you. Your stuff may include your home, your bank accounts and your personal mementos. Or your stuff may include a business, a much-loved pet3Much-loved although he howls incessantly, refuses to learn a single trick, steals trash demands belly rubs on demand and terrorizes the mailman., large retirement plans, a vacation home and diverse brokerage accounts, all of which can require a little more planning. Just as the “who” you want to receive your “stuff” could include your spouse, your angelic children4We call them that even when it isn’t true. See number 3 above., your adorable nieces and nephews, or perhaps it’s your alma mater, your crazy Aunt Alma, your domestic partner, your long-term partner, your third spouse, your kids from your second and fourth marriages5The kids from the 3rd marriage don’t have to know., or some combination of the above.6Legal in most states, and de riguer in Southern California And we’re just guessing here, but it’s likely the IRS is not on your list of people who should receive your stuff. The point is, whatever stuff you have and whoever your desired recipients are, you need an estate plan.

And that’s where The Teresa Rhyne Law Group can help.7We can also keep a straight face when you tell us these things. Trust us, your family is not more complicated than Teresa’s. Not even close We are focused on giving you a client-centered, customized estate plan based on the unique needs of each individual client, because every family is unique,8Great euphemism isn’t that? every business is unique,9Okay, unless it’s franchised. and each person’s legacy should be unique as well.

Whether you need a will and a trust, multi-generational planning, business succession planning, wealth protection planning or all of the above, The Teresa Rhyne Law Group can work collaboratively with you and your advisors10In Hollywood, these would be your ‘people’; here in the Inland Empire they’re your accountant, your financial planner, your stock broker, your insurance salesman or your smartest relative, which may or may not be your poodle. We’re flexible like that.
utilizing a comprehensive set of strategies to design and implement a plan that reduces taxation, secures asset protection and provides for you and your loved ones.11No, there’s no joke here. That sentence is brilliant.

Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
– Benjamin Franklin